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What Do Paid Online Survey Invitations Look Like?

Once you have registered with paid online survey companies, you will start to receive survey invites almost immediately. These will take the form of an email with a link for you to follow contained within the body of the email.

You will probably get some information about the paid survey topic (for example 'mobile phone study') and also how long the survey company expects it will take you to complete the paid survey. They expect you to be honest and to carefully consider each and every question they ask, so please don't rush through the surveys (they will know)!

Finally, the email will usually give details about what rewards you can expect to receive for giving your time and opinions during the paid survey

Invitations will vary from one paid online survey company to another, but the format is generally very similar. If you click on the image below, you can view a genuine paid survey invitation from Ciao Survey Panels.

As you can see, the survey is about employment, will take 8 minutes to complete and you can expect to earn £0.10 for your time and effort. Not too bad when you consider that most surveys are simple 'tick the right box' efforts.

Click here to view a genuine Ciao Panels paid online survey invitation example | www.paidopinionsurveys.co.uk

The next example (below) is from Toluna. In this example you can see that the survey is expected to take you 5 minutes to complete and for that you get 800 points and an entry into the £5,000 prize draw.

One thing that ALL survey invites mention is that the survey will be open only for a specified duration (either a date or when they reach the required number of responses). For this reason, it's always best practice to complete the paid survey as soon as possible after you receive the survey invite.

Delay, and you will probably miss out, as there are lots of people out there doing paid online surveys already! £0.80 for 5 minutes of your time is well worth the effort when you consider how many survey invites you could get per day.

Click here to view a genuine Toluna paid online survey invitation example | www.paidopinionsurveys.co.uk

If you want to know more before signing up to any of the paid opinion survey panels, then why not read our FAQ section or go to the reviews section to look at more information about each company.

If you are happy and you think you have read enough already, then pick any of the paid survey companies we have listed on the menu at the side of the page and sign up with them. Start earning today!

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