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You are never going to make a living completing paid opinion surveys. You can however generate a little extra income to supplement other earnings or to go towards little treats for you or your family.

The example shown on this page is genuine and was recorded over a two month period. It's the actual earnings generated from completing opinion surveys with just one of the companies we list on our site.

The total comes to £22.75 for surveys which take roughly 15 minutes on average to complete.

Genuine paid online surveys earnings | www.paidopinionsurveys.co.uk

Remember that the earnings shown here are just from one company. When you work it out per month, the total comes to £11.37 from one company. On our site we give you the opportunity to sign up with a total of 11 paid online survey companies.

This means that potentially you could earn around £125.00 per month, depending upon your demographic. Some of you will earn more and some less than the figure show here. This could work out at over £1,500 per year. Your opinion IS valuable after all!

Like we said earlier, you could never make a living doing this, but £1,500 per year could pay for a holiday and to many people it's the equivalent of an extra month's wages.

If you want to know more before signing up to any of the paid opinion survey panels, then why not read our FAQ section or go to the reviews section to look at more information about each company.

If you are happy and you think you have read enough already, then pick any of the paid survey companies we have listed on the menu at the side of the page and sign up with them. Start earning today!

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