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Join Harris Interactive panel to start and receive rewards today. It only takes seconds to join and you could be earning entries for their prize draw today. Sign up to complete paid online surveys in the UK at www.paidopinionsurveys.co.uk

Sign up with Harris Interactive and start earning rewards today. Registration only takes a short while and then you can start earning Harris Interactive E-points.

The amount of E-Points you receive depends on the length of each survey and will be stated in the invitation email. One Harris Interactive E-Point equals £0.16

As an example, a short survey (2 to 3 minutes) would get you 2 E-Points (£0.32) and a longer more complex survey (20 to 25 minutes) will earn you 11 E-Points (£1.76).

As soon as your account has reached a balance of 100 E-Points, you can select a reward from one the Harris Interactive partners such as Amazon.

Harris Interactive are members of several recognised organisations (ESOMAR, BVM) and abide by their data protection regulations and the ethical guidelines relevant to market research studies.

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