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Welcome to paidopinionsurveys.co.uk, where we offer you the chance to sign up with some of the best paid opinion research companies in the U.K.

All the companies we list here are legitimate market research specialists each with a long and proven track record in the industry.

In addition to giving you the chance to sign up to our paid opinion affiliates, we also provide reviews of each company and we let you know what rewards you can expect to receive for giving your time and opinions.

Each of the companies listed is either based in the U.K. or has a subsiduary working here. They work on behalf of client's selling products to the U.K. consumer market and therefore need and value the opinions of people living there.

Why do you get paid for completing online surveys? It's simple, because you matter. The thoughts inside your head are valuable to companies in areas such as advertising, product development, statistical data analysis and product testing.

In the past, you may have seen market research company representatives out on the street gathering much the same information which you will be providing online. The fact that you are entering your responses to questions online saves these companies both time and money, some of which they pass on to you.

You are doing their work for them and getting paid in the process!

The short answer to this is no! You will not receive any correspondance from the opinion panel companies we list here. The only way they contact you is by email and usually either a survey invitation or a reward confirmation. They will not contact you by post, phone or text (unless you agree to participate in a survey which requires such contact).

These are all reputable companies who do not waste your time with spam. Remember, they need you!

Yes, your details are secure with the paid online survey companies we list. Initially, you will tell them some general details about yourself. The survey companies then use these details to decide your demographic (eg. active woman in her 30's with 2 children who shops at Sainsburys).

They will then use your demographic details to decide which paid online surveys to invite you to participate in. In the example we have just used, the woman may get paid survey invitations from Tesco to find out why she shops at Sainsburys.

You still need to be vigilant though and take all the same internet security precautions as you would for browsing any website.

This largely depends upon how 'sellable' your opinions are. Opinion research companies represent client's selling a huge number of different products to both men, women (and even children) of all ages and backgrounds.

Whoever you are, after signing up there is a good chance you will receive paid survey invitations within a few days.

Typically, each opinion survey you are accepted for will earn you anywhere from £0.25 - £2.00. Higher earning surveys in the £5.00 - £10.00 region are offered less frequently, but they do happen!

Increasingly, opinion survey companies are offering their members the chance to join brand community groups for companies such as Virgin and Philips.

If you are selected to join one of these communities you can earn £10.00 - £20.00 per month for signing in to the community and participating in activities such as brainstorming, product testing and product development.

If you want to know more before signing up to any of the paid opinion survey panels, then why not read our FAQ section or go to the reviews section to look at more information about each company.

If you are happy and you think you have read enough already, then pick any of the paid survey companies we have listed on the menu at the side of the page and sign up with them. Start earning today!

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